FileHound document management software streamlines your business processes

It’s no secret that information is the lifeblood of every business and this is still primarily paper based. It is documents that provide you with the information you need in order to trade profitably with your customers and suppliers.

Poor document management can have a dramatic effect on staff efficiency, the service you deliver and ultimately your bottom line.

Just think about the number of times per day you refer to invoices, bank statements, contracts, delivery notes, holiday requests and other documents.

Your colleagues are doing very similar things, across many departments, – day in, day out, wasting valuable time every week searching for information in order to perform business tasks or answer enquiries

Simple tasks take far longer when information is not to hand.

This may come as a surprise, but your current way of working is wasting around one hour of your time every single day. Imagine what you and every member of staff could achieve if you had an extra hour a day to concentrate on other important issues.

The benefits of a document management system.

The benefits of a document management system do not stop at having instant access to your records. You will also benefit by freeing up expensive office space, currently taken up with filing cabinets. Sharing information will become much easier. You will notice a reduction in your postage, printing and copying costs. Business processes will run more smoothly, without unnecessary bottlenecks, and your documents will be protected from prying eyes.

Implementing FileHound document management software isn’t a complex or time consuming process. It normally takes about one day to complete and you will start seeing the benefits the next time you search for a document.

So this small change will have some major benefits for you, your colleagues and your business.

Take the plunge and improve your efficiency, document sharing and control with FileHound document management software.

Contact FileHound today to take a guided tour of our software and learn exactly how your business can benefit from implementing the latest in document management systems.